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Topshot of public water collection point in Capetown

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Water activist and blogger Helen Moffet in her office
Close up of containers being filled at water collection point

When a city runs out of water

A story about managing an impending disaster

Airport-style queues just to fetch water. Police and military ensuring no one takes more than their share. Scenes like these are synonymous with Day Zero - the day a city's water supply runs dry. Helen Moffett witnessed Cape Town's narrow escape in 2018, saved only by a collective effort. Now, as a water activist, she's on a mission to promote water conservation. Can she convince us all?
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Restricted water usage

South Africa is among the driest countries in the world, receiving only half the global average rainfall. Cape Town in particular is familiar with drought and aridity, though deteriorating infrastructure, sabotage, and corruption also contribute to the water crisis. It's no surprise, then, that the restrictions for the residents of Cape Town are changing, especially in memory of Day Zero.

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