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Kenyan landscape with green meadows and muddy riverbed

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Eric Bosire gazing into the distance
Woman in red pumping water at filling point

Let's grow in the desert

A story about the dream of a strawberry field in Kenya

“There was a farmer who, all his life, knew that strawberries can never grow locally” says Eric Bosire. What a misconception! Because the farmer didn’t know that anyone was capable of proving the opposite. Eric, a visionary from Kenya, grew up in a farming community. His early life, set against the backdrop of agricultural hardships and limited by a single harvest season due to climate constraints, ignited a fire within him to create groundbreaking change – and to transform dry plains into blooming strawberry fields.
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When will it finally rain?

The amount of rainfall in Kenya varies significantly depending on the region and the time of year. While the western part of Kenya experiences relatively ample rainfall, the central region, as well as the north and east, are known for extreme drought. This has particularly devastating consequences for agriculture.


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